Engineering Insurance

Engineering Insurance is important for everyone who operates machinery i.e. not only for a large enterprise using large units but also for medium size and small enterprises.

The classes of insurance obtainable include:


The Plant All Risks cover is basically for fire and accidental damage to the Insured Plants including theft and burglary. It is called an all risk cover because, it covers any peril you can think of unless those, which are specifically, excluded.

Any loss or destruction of or damage to any property whatsoever or any loss or expense whatsoever resulting or arising there from or any consequential loss.


This policy has a very wide scope of cover and is specifically tailored to suit protection of portable items such as cameras, laptops computers and mobile phones and other moveable and valuable assets.

The attraction of the policy steam from the fact that cover is effective in event of loss or damage of insured item. The policy covers practically all risks with certain exclusion such as electrical or mechanical derangement or defect.

Underwriting Requirements include: Make and type of the items to be covered as well as the year of manufacture and the current replacement cost.


Contractor-All-Risk policy is specifically designed to cover constructions and construction activities with a view to protecting materials, fixtures and equipment being used.

This policy covers contract work (both permanent and temporary works including all materials to be incorporated).

It also protects the insured against all sums they may become liable to pay for damage in respect to:

  • Death or bodily injury or illness or disease of any third party
  • Loss or damage to third party’s property
  • Loss of amenities, as a result of obstruction to third parties trespass or nuisance
  • Denial of access, interference with light, air, water way and any other form of third party liabilities.


This insurance is in respect of unforeseen or sudden damage to any machinery described in the schedule from any accidental cause not hereinafter excluded while at rest or at work while being dismantled for the purpose of cleaning inspection and overhauling or removal to another working position or in the course of these operations themselves or subsequent re-erection at the situation specified in the Machinery Schedule.


Erection-All-Risk policy provides broad insurance coverage during construction or erection of machinery, plant and steel structures. It protects against the following unforeseen sudden physical losses or damages:

  • Excessive Pressure
  • Fire & lightning
  • Explosions & Implosions
  • Short Circuits
  • Natural Disasters (Including: storm, windstorms, landslides and so on)
  • Theft, Burglary & Malicious Damage
  • Negligence
  • Third Party Liability